A Commuter Bridge Doesn't Connect Us
If People Are Not Safe On The Trail!

The Trail Will Cross a Hazardous Industrial Area!

The Rail Trail Task Force, in conjunction with the Dryden Town Board, continue to ignore common sense.

They are forging ahead with their egocentric agenda to build a commuter bridge for an unfinished trail that is planned to cross a hazardous industrial area!

The Informal Guiding Principles
That Have Been Abandoned
by the Dryden Rail Trail Task Force:

Principle #1

We will be most successful if we harness the generosity, goodwill and volunteerism of our community and her people, all working together to build a beautiful Trail.

Principle #2

We should not burden the Dryden taxpayers with the cost of creating this Trail.

All needed funds should come from donated labor and equipment, private donations and grants.

Principle #3

All needed easements and land should be obtained through the free and mutual agreement of the land owners.

Land for the Trail should never be acquired through “taking” - by eminent domain or the threat of eminent domain.

Who Are We?

We are Pro-Trail,

We are Non-Partisan and

Democrats, Republicans, Blanks and Independents are supporting this rebellion.

What Do We Want?

Verified data on the number of commuters who will be using the seasonal trail and/or bridge.

Publication of the Rail Trail Task Force Safety & Hazard Assessment study of the Hall Road Industrial District.

An immediate halt to NYSDOT commuter bridge project and withdrawal of the contract with NYSDOT.

No eminent domain / acquisition of lands for the Dryden Rail Trail.

Reroute the trail away from the hazardous industrial district and go under the Fall Creek bridge.

We Want Answers!

(Check Back Often, We Have LOTS More Details To Divulge......)

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In 2015, the Dryden Town Board and the Rail Trail Task Force worked with
"Design Connect Cornell"

Their conclusions support the safer
"Trail Only"
options but are being ignored.


When Is A Bridge NOT a Bridge?

When It Splits The Community!