Frequently Asked Questions

What Political Party Are You Affiliated With?
We are not affiliated with any Political Party

Our supporters are Democrats, Republicans, Blanks and Independents

Why Are You Doing This?
There was not much information available about the rail trail, the commuter bridge or the financials of this town project.

So we started asking questions....

And here we are.......!

Where Do You Get Your Information?
We attend the Town Board, Planning Board and Rail Trail Task Force Meetings.

We do countless hours of research so we can present the facts for the questions that are not being answered.

Who Is Paying For This Site, Yard Signs, Posters, Mailers, Etc?
Each one of us have invested our own money (and personal time) to bring this information to the public.

How Can I Help You?
You can used the link at the bottom of each page to share this website with your friends.

You can also use the link at the bottom of each page to e-mail Town of Dryden management.

You can attend the Board meetings and voice your opinion. The next one is Thursday, October 21 @ 6PM at the Dryden Town Hall.

And, most importantly, VOTE on November 2, 2021 if you want to see needed changes in our Community!

Can I Contact You?

When Is A Bridge NOT a Bridge?

When It Splits The Community!