The Hall Road Industrial District

Why is the Rail Trail Task Force putting a recreation trail through the middle of the
Hall Road Industrial District?

Why has the Rail Trail Task Force ignored safety issues along the trail and in the
Hall Road Industrial District?

In the September 23, 2021 T/O Dryden Planning Board meeting, Rail Trail Task Force member green stated:

"It's really quite possible that we need help from the public to look at all of the aspects of safety across the entire 10 & 1/2 miles of the trail..."

The RTTF is just getting around to lookng at
the safety of Trail users??

Also in that Planning Board meeting, the members saw enough safety and economic issues related to the Trail and the Pinckney Road crossing by the concrete batch plant to vote in favor of further study of those issues.

There are many other
in this industrial park that can harm trail users:

Concrete Particulates:

Diesel Exhaust:


Heavy Equipment:

One of the overlooked safety concerns in the Hall Road Industrial District is the trail crossing on Pinckney Road into the Industrial Park.

It shares the same driveway entrance and exit, with the cement trucks entering and exiting the concrete plant.

It is an uncontrolled safety hazard to trail users.

The RTTF mitigation plans to reduce the safety hazard to trail users with vegetation and jersey barriers does not encompass ALL the situations the trail users will face with the cement trucks.

Cement Truck / Pedestrian Accidents

And there are many attractive nuisances in this Industrial Park that can also harm trail users:

In 2015, the Dryden Town Board and the Rail Trail Task Force worked with
"Design Connect Cornell"

Numerous safety issues are identified at the Pinckney Road area in the Hall Road Industrial District:

Several alternate routes are identified that reduce or eliminate the imminent hazard:

They also identified Safety issues on Hall Road and Hall Woods Road:

Hall Road is a narrow road with limited sight lines, sharp corners, no sidewalks, no bike lanes.

The road is primarily used by tractor trailer trucks and large equipment trucks.

Pedestrians are unsafe on this road.

Hall Wood Road has potential for additional industrial growth.

There is one reason the town has an industrial park

It separates incompatible uses, industry away from residential and recreational uses.

The rail trail is an incompatible use with the Hall Road industrial park.

It should not be allowed to encroach on established businesses and shouldn't be located in a designated industrial zone.

In 2015, the Dryden Town Board and the Rail Trail Task Force worked with
"Design Connect Cornell"

Their conclusions support the safer
"Trail Only"
options but are being ignored.


Read the "Design Connect Cornell" study from 2015

And the many safety concerns that are being ignored

Read "A thorough discussion of dangerous conditions

that make government liable for pedestrian injuries"

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